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Note to self

Do not eat 8 slices of pizza, 2 crazy breads and drink the incredible hulk. The result is no bueno!

It’s been a while

Been waaaay too busy to be on tumblr or facebook for the past however long it was LOL! I like it though :] Chill with the gf, school, and work, rinse and repeat. Haven’t had a chance to do anything other than the three. Maybe it was a good thing that my back is getting worse? Ahh well! Hopefully the doctor can figure out what’s wrong this wednesday!

Aaaaannyywhoo! I got a second job now! I now work at a warehouse by the galleria and as a tutor at Kumon. I want to quit Kumon, but I like those kids. The pay rate is okay but the hours sucks. $160-180 a paycheck bi-weekly? I made $160 in 10 hours at the new job! Plus, it’s more chill and I have so much freedom to do whatever I want there! The people are hilarious and the hours… let’s just say you can come and go when you want :D

Ahhhhh College life… how I love you so! Funny how when I have to pay for classes, I finally learn more. Historaay was always a subject I hated, but I LOVE this class! It’s suuuuuuper interesting! So is my government class… too bad the tests suck balls! As for pre-cal, I’m still kinda wobbly on the topic. English is lame as always though! I’m really good at proving a point and writing essays, but I HATE writing them! They take soooo long to write!

And the girl? Hehe! The parents like me ;] Got some working to do on my Viet though D: It’s super rusty, bleh! The dad’s just like mines hahah! Story time and lectures LMAO xD Fun! The only reason why I haven’t been hooked on any games or anything really.

I missed the mass for my grandpa though! D:< Stupid me! I hate how I can never remember things! BLAH! I really wanted to go visit him and stupid me forgot about the day. Instead, I went to work… Lame.

Life is good right now though! I’ve got everything I need and more to come. The simple life is so great. Some people need to try it! Less worries, more fun :]

To Do List
  • stop procrastinating and finish everything
  • pass my classes
  • get to 160 lbs and be fit if not cut
  • learn how to play the guitar
  • learn how to not give a shit
  • figure out how to feel no pain
  • get new tennis shoes
  • win a match
  • make a new computer
  • find me a woman
  • get some more purple wardrobe
  • change my diet (after I buy my shoes)
  • invest in some stock
  • Buy brakes and rear view mirror

Almost done! Oh yeeaaah! Passing classes but it’s not over yet and about to enter a tournament! The pain thing is another thing… Gotta see a chiropractor. Got me a Links to Love purple shirt, but I still need more! The brakes are coming with the next paycheck

Ahhhheixjxbdjeuzv THIS! I need to see a chiropractor!

Ahhhheixjxbdjeuzv THIS! I need to see a chiropractor!

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Best couple days of my life

Got my car back with some upgrades! Win! Chillaxed and finally found out what I’ve been missing. ;] Went all over the place! Last night we went to tomball and walmart on west road. Walked around the mall for a while window shopping with the misses. Then we went down south and checked out some fish stores. Came back, dropped by to drop off Tina’s present and said happy birthday, went to play some tennis, and chillaxed some more!

It’s crazy how things just happen.

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The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.
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Remember to check the seat before using a public restroom

jesus eggs up the butthole christ



Remember to check the seat before using a public restroom

jesus eggs up the butthole christ

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